As an employee of the Community Living Wikwemikong Anishinabek, I will conduct myself in a manner in accordance with the Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers.

absence of sense of being superior to clients or employees; valuing individual equality recognizing that everyone has a place in life; refraining from intimidation to clients and fellow employees.

conducting oneself in the community /workplace in a responsible and honourable manner through truthfulness, fairness and sincerity.

speaking from the heart and honouring our beliefs and the beliefs of others.

understanding the circle of life as being sacred and that we are all part of creation; showing respect to individual beliefs and traditions, and for one’s own being and that of others.

recognizing that others views may differ from ours, and honour the differences with the understanding that we are all one people, and have a right to freedom of beliefs and traditions.

unconditional love for one another for who we are and what we have to offer, with no conditions based on race, creed or colour, and always looking for the beauty within each person.

using what we have learned in a meaningful way, and learning from experiences to promote our growth and the growth of others to be kind, caring, and good people.

In carrying out the duties of my position, I will adhere to the CODE OF ETHICS, and will be prompt, courteous, and loyal to COMMUNITY LIVING WIKEMIKONG ANISHINABEK.