This code is intended to serve as a guide to the everyday conduct of CLWA employees within the parameters of the association’s goal.

This code is based on our fundamental values which include recognition of the worth, dignity and uniqueness of all persons, as well as their rights and opportunities. It is also based on the nature of our support provision which fosters conditions that promote these values.

It represents CLWA’s expectations of ethical behavior in professional relationships with service users, their families and friends; colleagues and other professionals; the employer and the community.

Service Users – In relationships with service users…

  • The employee will, in the performance of his/her job responsibilities, provide support to the service user as outlined in the individual’s general support plan. The employee will recognize that where conflict may arise regarding their own personal opinion(s,) standard(s) or value(s,) s/he will be expected to maintain a level of objectivity consistent with their responsibility in assisting the individual.
  • The employee’s primary responsibility is to provide quality support to the service participant as outlined in their respective job classification description in accordance with policies and procedures, managerial instructions and identified team approaches.
  • The employee will interact with the service participant in a respectful manner using the CLWA rights and responsibilities document as a guide.

Families and Friends – In relationships with families and friends…

  • The employee will demonstrate a supportive, respectful, cooperative approach in their interactions with those people who are important in the service users lives.
  • The employee will facilitate communication with significant persons in accordance with the wishes of the service participant.

Colleagues and other Professionals – In relationships with colleagues and other professionals…

  • The employee will be expected to respect the personal privacy and professional confidentiality of his/her colleagues, recognizing and accepting personal differences, except where the well being of the service user(s) may be involved.
  • The employee will demonstrate a supportive, respectful and cooperative approach in his/her interactions with his/her colleagues.
  • Where an individual staff action/decision/opinion would be based on issues concerning health and safety, an individual’s rights and responsibilities or would be in opposition to agreed upon team approaches, then that individual staff will have the responsibility of discussing their concern/idea with the respective Primary Counselor and the Supervisor and receive approval prior to implementing any changes to established practice(s.)

The Employer – in relationships with the employer…

  • The employee will continually apprise him/herself of the policies, procedures, rules and principles of the CLWA and in accepting or continuing employment within the agency, agree to adhere to these policies, procedures, rules and principles, recognizing that the ultimate responsibility for the quality of service they provide is their own.
  • Where the employee feels they have cause to question, express concern or challenge the policies, procedures, rules or principles of the CLWA, they will express their views the use of appropriate internal channels while maintaining a professional, confidential and respectful representation of the agency within the community
  • The employee will have the responsibility of keeping abreast of relevant developments within the human services field as it pertains to the CLWA.

The Community – in relationships with the community…

  • The employee will be expected to foster public support and awareness throughout their work within the community.
  • The employee should act to ensure that all persons have access to the resources, services and opportunities which they require or desire.
  • The employee should act to expand choice and opportunity for all persons.

Our role in this code is actualized through…

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Mutual respect
  • Empathy
  • Innovation
  • Working towards a common goal
  • Objectivity
  • Acceptance of differences
  • Appreciation of diversity
  • Competence