Organizational Information

Background and Description
Mission Statement
Code of Ethics
Guiding Principles
Oath of Confidentiality
Order of Operations
Program Director
Primary Counsellor
Primary Counsellor I
Primary Counsellor II
Night Counsellor
Supported Independent Living Worker
Life Skills Trainer
Assistant Life Skills Trainer

Personnel and Administration

Records and Information Management
Staff Recognition
Job Classifications
Performance Evaluations
Hiring Procedures
Format for Interviewing
Seniority and Promotions
Vulnerable Sector Screening Check
Probationary Period
Release from Employment
Employee Resignation
Employee Discipline
Dispute Resolution Procedure
Complaints and Feedback Process
Salary Philosophy
Salary System
Employee Assistance Program
Business and Travel
Statutory Holidays
Attendance and Punctuality
Reporting Absences
Personal Days
Sick Leave
Compassionate Leave
Compassionate Care Leave
Pregnancy, Parental and Adoption Leave
Bereavement Leave
Court Leave